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Timing Belt


 So you passed the Level 1 Study programme, and you want to progress further, what happens next?

 We progress you onto the Level 2 Study Programme, which at the end of the academic year will give you a Level 2 Diploma Vehicle Inspection.  This is a pre-apprenticeship course that gets you ready for going out into the workplace as an apprentice.  After realising there is a big leap up from Level 1 to an apprenticeship, Motorvation Training put this qualification in place to ensure that our learners become the best of the best apprentices.  Make no mistake, this course is designed to test your knowledge, and at the same time, allow you to gain the knowledge needed in the workplace.  Group sizes have no more than ten learners to a group, which ensures no learner gets left behind in their studies, and that the course tutor is readily accessible.

 The course lasts an academic year, but as well as studying at our training facility, you will go out into a workplace on work placement with an employer, starting at one day per week.  The work placement time then increases throughout the year, with time at our college decreasing.  By the end of the academic year you should have had enough time to showcase your skills and talents to an employer, and have a really good chance at moving onto the Apprenticeship Standard.

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