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The Motorvation Training Difference

Who Are We?

Built in 2009, Motorvation Training Ltd is a British family company that specialises in the training of students in the motor vehicle industry.​

​Motorvation Training's ethos is based around the work of Donald Woods Winnicott and Jean Piaget. We offer state of the art, modern and welcoming facilities with up to date industry equipment, which provide our students with a good basis in which to start their studies.

Award Winning Training​

Motorvation Training learners have won numerous awards over the years, including awards from our Awarding Body, The IMI.  These learners were chosen from thousands of candidates from up and down the country to be winners.  Motorvation Training learners have been all over the country to win awards, rubbed shoulders with the best of the best technicians in the country and chatted with members of the Royal Family, as well as winning some pretty substantial prizes.

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