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Level 1 Diploma


Our Level 1 Study Programme course is mainly aimed at those 16-19 years of age, with the outcome qualification being an IMI Awards Level 1 Diploma Automotive Maintenance, as well as English and maths Functional Skills, to enable you to be fully equipped with skills for the workplace.

The Level 1 Study Programme can last anywhere between six months to twelve months.

You have probably heard of "enrichment" at school, where it perhaps does not mean a lot to you.  At Motorvation Training enrichment could mean going to visit a European BMW factory to see the latest models being designed and tested, it could mean a wander down to Manchester United's football ground, Old Trafford to learn about teamwork and have a sneaky look around three floors of trophies, a look round the stadium and a peek in the dressing rooms.  We have also had learners build their own Go Karts, and then go out and race them at a local track.  Enrichment at Motorvation Training is enriching and engaging, not an excuse for the tutors to catch up on work.

Progression would be to move onto our Level 2 Study Programme.

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