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Motorvation Training welcomes learners with EHCPs as we believe that good quality education should be open to all, not just the chosen few.  It must be difficult to be a young person who may have a condition such as Aspergers, Autism, ADHD or even a learning difficulty.  It is hard enough being an adult and trying to articulate how you feel, so it must be extremely difficult for young people.  Motorvation Training sees that these young people have a huge amount of untapped potential, and most of the time all they need is someone who understands them.  Motorvation Training understands all young people, and will work with Local Authorities to ensure that the best education package is available to them, based on the needs of the EHCP.

Motorvation Training is highly experienced in the area of EHCP’s, and we are extremely knowledgeable from a legal point of view, working in tandem with a well known London law firm.  We are happy to give support to our learners and their parents/carers in relation to EHCP referrals, assessment of need, tribunals and support with judicial reviews.  Motorvation Training  proud to be able to support these learners.

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